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Mailing Address:
Emprowa AB
Skr├Ąddaregatan 22
SE-21618 Limhamn, Sweden

Phone: +46 40 150196
Org.No.: 556966-1019

Contact persons

Gosta Seuranen

Gosta Seuranen, CEO (Msc, MBA)
Gosta was introduced to crafted beer a couple of years ago by his friend Niclas, who is a dedicated home brewer. Before that he was mainly drinking lager beer as having extensive experience from larger breweries, e.g. Heineken and Asia Pacific Breweries (Ulan Bator, Mongolia) and Khmer Brewery in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia from his work as continuous improvement consultant in Asia. However, after starting to enjoy bitter IPA and dark Stout he found out there is commercial beer as good as Niclas deserving a wider spread and took on a mission to distribute high quality beer and at the same time teach others about crafted beer.
Gosta is resonsible for Supply Chain and Legal Matters and Training Programs around beer and operational excellence. Gosta spekas fluent Swedish and English.
Email: ;Mobile: +46 768 489698

Christina Xin

Christina Xin, Head of marketing & Sales
Christina is genuine interested in Italian and Asian food. She is a fantastic cook and enjoy a glass of wine together good food. However, she has found out that wine is not always the perfect combination to spicy food and started to look for alternatives. In Asia it's common to drink ligh lager to food, but she wanted something better and crafted beer was the answer. She has now dedicated her work to introduce high quality beer as an alternative to wine for finer dining, but also promote craft beer to Chinese restaurants in Europe and Asia or to introduce better quality beer to vendors already selling beer.
Christina is resonsible for Customers and Business Development in Europe and Asia. Christina speaks fluent English and Chinese.
Email: ;Mobile: +46 768 181188

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